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Our Story


We (Jeanlouise and Emily) met in 2002 in Washington, DC while working together on USAID projects in Africa. We both share a curiosity for how others live and passion for working to make the world a better place and have sought meaningful ways to do so throughout our working careers. We also feel a keen connection to nature, really love good food, and have a profound respect for where it comes from. We decided to open Each Peach Market because we want to share our love for good food and the DIY culinary spirit with our community. We wanted to create an approachable and warm shopping experience that highlights fresh, high quality, and local products.


Our Team


Emily Friedberg


Jeanlouise Conaway




A native of NYC with deep connections to her family’s farm in the Catskills, Emily has long cultivated her love for delicious foods from all over the world. She loves the community that food creates, and when she isn’t hosting her own dinner parties and backyard bbqs, she is trying to find the best places to eat out, in DC or while traveling. Emily has a large backyard oasis that includes an urban vegetable garden and a trampoline. She loves getting out to the countryside to hike and enjoy with her husband and two daughters. Emily has an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Jeanlouise loves everything about food-an avid gardener, she has raised hens, tended honeybees and loves making her own cheese and yogurt. She splits her time between the garden, the kitchen and scouring local forests for mushrooms! She finds her inspiration for food and cooking in great part through nature and our connection to it, but also from family traditions and a love of process she shares with her very food oriented family.  Jeanlouise trained as a pastry chef at the Cordon Bleu in Paris.


Eleanor Gease

General Manager, since July 2015

Eleanor keeps the wheels on the bus at Each Peach, curates the candy and greeting card selections, and manages our inventory under lock and key. 

For Fun: Cooking, sewing, tap dancing, or hanging on the couch with a cat or two…. Or three. 

Jade Johnson

Weekend Manager, since May 2014

Jade is the mistress of meat, maven of flowers, keeper of the weekend pastry, and the force behind the Each Peach social media machine. 

For Fun: Arranging flowers, the color turquoise, and hanging with her dog Roxie


Chris Weybright

Assistant Manager, since October 2015

Chris selects the coffees and beers, helps out with produce ordering, and is the dutiful apprentice to Ms. Eleanor

For fun: Chris likes to imagine that he is an orangutan, swinging from branch to branch. The squirrels chatter, the birds chirp, and the boughs sigh in the breeze. He shakes his fist angrily at the cars and trucks below, with their loud motors and honky horns. He doesn’t like them one bit. 

Will Chiron

Deli Manager, since May 2015

Will makes sure all sandwiches are prepared with love and care and keeps you on your toes with sandwich specials, new cheeses, and beautiful platters. He also chooses seasonal ice creams from Trickling Springs Creamery with unusual gusto. 

For fun: Publishing a zine called “What You Have the Least of”, building terrariums, and eating breakfast for dinner.

Since 2013, we've been building a highly curated and fun group of super yummy products.


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