Homemade Candy for the Holidays!

There is something magical about making candy. The alchemy of sugar as it melts, taking on various textures and flavors, never fails to ignite a sense of wonder and delight! It's hard to find the time to make candies, but there is nothing better than making gifts for friends— this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to make time (and the gifts)!

This year for the first time we are really excited to share this passion for candy with our customers by offering a number of house made goodies! Torrone-- gooey honey and nut nougat, panforte--spiced dried fruit and nuts baked into a chewy confection and the classic, candied orange peel.

Candied orange peel is a real favorites and is easy to do, it just takes a long time. To make ours, we essentially followed Epicurious’ well-tested recipe. After peeling, soaking, and blanching the peels are boiled in a sugar syrup, a half hour per day over the course of three days. Each day, the peels become more translucent and chewy, while maintaining their delightful citrus zip! Pick up some oranges and give it a try and witness the wonder of candy!—or if you’re pressed for time, stop in and get ours!