Secure Your Bird!

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It is time, friends, to consider pre-ordering a turkey bird for your Thanksgiving table.  You may snort, sputter dirty-chai-latte over the front of your sweater, and Tweet in frustration,

"Here we are--not even to Halloween yet--and these people want us to ORDER TURKEYS FOR THANKSGIVING. #waytooearly"

No, no, friend. Please, come to your senses. Take my hand, and let's fly away, over rolling hill, to the tranquil place where herds of turkeys roam.

Behold them: gobbling, chasing insects and pecking at ears of corn in their sylvan idyll. They have grown wide-breasted and meaty. They flap their wings and sing into the cool, Autumn air, "coo-loo-koo-loo!"

Count them. There are many! But let us fly higher for a moment and take in the scene from a new vantage. Look at the teeming hoards of humans down there: each one anticipating a tasty bird on their Thanksgiving table, and each one foolishly confident that they will obtain the choicest turkey at the last minute.

They are mistaken! Only those who, in the words of Rev. Matthias Creech,

"...crouch over the land as a brood-hen, concealing their nattering chicks 'neath outspread ensure that they have the finest for their holiday table. The laggard loses the choicest morsels to the hawk!"

We have been sourcing turkeys from the same farm in Pennsylvania for four years. They are pasture-raised, and delicious. We'll be offering birds in the range of 14-20 pounds, and quantities are limited. Price per pound is $5.99, and pre-orderes require a $25 deposit (balance due upon pick-up).

Orders online or in person at Each Peach Market. Feel free to call or ask next time you're in the store, if you have any questions.

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