Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!


Ready or not, Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and we have some serious treats for those of you entertaining for the big game. And for those of you who are just in it for the food, beer, and commercials, we're going to make you happy too!

Super Bowl Platter Combo - $75

Our large veggie platter with three house-made dips, PLUS house-made Super Bowl specials: 7 layer dip, queso, black bean dip, and 2 bags of chips of your choosing!

Cheese (Foot)Ball - $10

Yes, its a cheese ball shaped like a football. How can you not want one of these?

Queso - $5.99

Chili Pint - $6.50 / Quart - $12.00

Seven layer dip - $9.99

Black bean dip - $5.00

Blue cheese dip - $3.99

Guacamole - $5.99

Buffalo chicken dip - $6.50

Carnitas - $12.00

And don't forget all our other delicious platters you can order for your party!

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