Valentine's Ideas for the Ones You Love


A dozen roses, beautiful hand-crafted truffles, a thoughtfully written card. That’s an excellent start, but what greater show of love is there than thoughtfully preparing a meal for that someone special.  Let us help you make your meal extra impressive with unique ideas and products from the market!

Appetizers. . . .


Regalis smoked trout roe- it is a decadent splurge to be sure, but so unique and delicious. We love showing it off with Vermont Creamery crème fraiche and using a crunchy potato chip as the delivery vehicle for devouring sweet, salty, smoky snack.

Hummingbird, a Robiola style cheese made from 100% Jersey Cow’s milk. The organic farmstead cheese makers at Doe Run in Pennsylvania create these delightful oval shaped gems, with a delicate bloomy rind and a sublime creamy interior, this beauties will help set the mood!

Main Course. . . .

Beet fusilli from Sfoglini- we admit, we brought in this pasta because we thought it would be perfect for Valentine’s; it’s pink afterall. The cuttlefish ink Spaccatelli is also unique if you like you pasta more Goth.


Hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries. Our pastry team will be coating juicy berries in luscious Guittard dark chocolate. What a lovely way to enjoy some of the most important food groups!

IMG_6786 3.JPEG

Flourless chocolate torte. We love making this cake. Spiked with espresso and almonds, it is a dense, delicious expression of what love tastes like.

And if you just want some champagne, flowers, and candy we have a special package deal for a bottle of champagne, a dozen roses, a choice of sweet treat, and a card. Buy together and save 20%! Or check out these cute mini-Valentine's boxes for sale online or in the shop.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Each Peach Market!

Emily Friedberg