Do Something Nice for Mom!


So we know you all appreciate your mothers all the time, but once a year moms get their own special day, and that day is this Sunday, May 14. For those of you who already have plans, congratulations on not procrastinating. For the rest of you, here are some ideas.


You can drop by Each Peach this Sunday and, as always, pick up a gift card, a bouquet of flowers (we will have lots!), Mother's Day cards, or a special Mother's Day Gift Basket. We are also selling special VIP Gift Cards, through our financing partner InKind. These gift cards require you to download an app but you get a whole bunch of free credit, so check it out!

DIY Meals...

You may be more of a DIY type and interested in making/staging brunch or dinner for your mama this year. Our staff are ready and here to help you shop for easy, yet impressive recipes that demonstrate your love. Short on time? Grab a quiche, some Little Wild Things microgreens, local berries, and cava for a super special brunch. 

One-of-a-kind Ceramics!

This year, we are also featuring beautiful, one-of-a-kind ceramic vases and pitchers from Brent Pafford, ceramicist and Each Peach manager/deli ninja. Check out our window, all are for sale, mom will love them.

Emily Friedberg