Six in Season, October

Those chunky sweaters are starting to migrate to the top of the bureau and autumn is beginning in earnest! Here are some treats to look forward to at Each Peach and Pear Plum that highlights the delicious season.


We’re celebrating alongside those Bavarians with a selection of special beers created solely for the Oktoberfest season, perfect to take home or bring to parties. Even better, celebrate Oktoberfest at Pear Plum Cafe on October 17. There’ll be special beer, brats, snacks and a load of fun.  An early ticket is $15 for a beer, sausage and a snack. Tickets will be available at the door for $20 and a la carte. 


Oh, hello lovely local apples! Is there anything better during a crisp autumn day than to chomp into a fresh apple that’s crisp, tart and sweet all at the same time? NOPE! Keep an eye out for those Wonder Fuji and Blondee. We’ll also be baking up lots of goodies, like apple cake and more! 

local cider

Along with those apples, we also get delicious, delicious cider from Three Springs Fruit Farm in Aspers, PA. They also use their apples for their hard cider brand - Ploughman -who make some pretty delicious ciders like Distelfunk and Boondoggle. Taste these and many other lovely apple creations at our tasting this month 


Need we say more? We’ll be bringing in classic pumpkins perfect for jack o’ lanterns (plus toasted pumpkin seeds and roasted pumpkin!). We’ll also have lovely little decorative pumpkins and gourds that you can fill the table and front porch with. (Keep an eye on our Temptation Island as well for delicious Halloween candy coming in for grown ups and kids alike)

spiced tumeric golden chai

It’s back!! We'd like to think of this drink as pumpkin spice's cooler, more complex cousin. We create a brew of fresh turmeric & ginger, steeped with a secret blend of warming spices. Steamed with milk (or milk alternative) this seasonal drink is sweet, spicy and ready to rumble. Available at Pear Plum Cafe. 


This little buddy first showed up in farmers markets in 2015, and is a smaller, sweeter version of the butternut squash.  It got its start when Michael Mazourek, an associate professor in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University, was challenged by Dan Barber, chef and co-owner of the iconic Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York, to make a better butternut. This is the result - more delicate, nutty and packed with vitamin A. Roast, turn into soup, serve in a salad!