New Featured Roaster!

Olympia Coffee, Little Buddy

This season, we are excited to feature a roaster from the West Coast that is one of the best we’ve come across. They were first brought to our attention by Chris, our Head Buyer and resident coffee-holic! He became aware of Olympia Coffee Roasters about five years ago, when a friend of his, working in coffee on the West Coast, brought him a bag while visiting. “All I remember is how absolutely blown away I was by the profound clarity and depth of flavors,” he recalls. Fast-forward a few more years, when another friend was visiting family near Olympia and brought him home a bag of Kenya Kuguyo. His mind was set: surely, these guys were among the best coffee roasters in the country! And we couldn’t agree more! Not only is their stuff delicious, the company meets the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. How proud are we to be featuring this company as our Featured Roaster for October-December!?

The first blend we’ll feature is “Little Buddy” , a richly fruited and chocolatey blend of Ethiopia and Burundi coffees, perfectly suited for either drip or espresso.

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Want to learn more about coffee (and chocolate?) - Chris and Beth are teaching a class exploring the terroir and similarities of chocolate & coffee. Learn about terroir and how location impacts taste with regards to chocolate and coffee, and reacquaint your senses with the flavor profiles that are present, and similar, in both. Oh, and taste lots of coffee and chocolate!