Six in Season, September

six in season september.png

The Summer Bonanza at Each Peach is slowly merging into early Fall, and while those gorgeous tomatoes are on their last legs, how exciting is it that autumn delicacies are not only here, but EARLY? Here are some of our favorite catches to keep an eye out for in the produce section this September…

Bred to perfection in 1884 in (you guessed it) Concord, Massachusetts, this all-American grape is hardy, punchy and fun to eat! While most often seen in jams, jellies and grape juice (with that lovely trademark dark color), these beauties are also delicious fresh. Pop them out of their thick skins and eat the tart flesh, or eat them whole for a full dose of antioxidant power.

Nothing breathes the true essence of a golden, sunlit autumn than the perfumed flesh of a sweet pear. Keep an eye out for pink-blush Harrows and delicate, fragrant Bartlett varietals. Devour them whole, or serve in a classic salad with blue cheese, baby greens and walnuts.

No shame in a good bell pepper, but September is the perfect time to explore something new. Check out the rare Turkish Corbaci, a twisted slender heirloom that taste beautiful raw, blistered over hot coals or pickled whole in true traditional fashion. Or, go for a Corno di Toro (horn of the bull), an Italian heirloom that’s great roasted, or stuffed, like a good nonna would

Hello obsidian skin and golden flesh! Plums will be showing off, especially those pretty Friar Purples that steal our hearts every time. They are also lovely in desserts and chutneys. Leave it to the Brits to create a whole guide of plum recipes - we’re looking forward to trying every one (psssst - we’ve got our eye on that sloe gin layer cake….)

Oh, praise, those early autumn apples - so sweet, so crisp! Ginger Golds, which originally hail from Virginia, are especially fabulous this month. Offering more bite than a golden delicious, and a subtle sweetness, these guys are great eaten as-is. For a little more vroom, fold them into a salad with shaved Brussels sprouts, or bake into a perfect apple crisp for dessert.

We know, you’ve got squash for DAYS. But the Delicata Squash is a different beast, less sweet than a butternut and more versatile than that spaghetti squash. It also has an interesting nutty quality that makes it great on top of, for example, this kale salad with chickpeas…. Just sayin’. Amazing