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Each Peach Market provides a carefully-curated, high-quality, and locally oriented product line as well as really friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We aim to offer a diverse range of products that makes it possible to get everything you’ll need for dinner in one spot! Each Peach wants to inspire you to get into the kitchen and get cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients. 



We stock some of the best bread made in Washington DC. Crusty, french-style baguettes, sprouted wheat, and country sourdough from A Baked Joint are delivered daily. We have challah on Fridays and Saturdays and carry sandwich bread from Lyon Bakery. 

All of our cookies, brownies, pastries & cakes are made in our bakery housed at Pear Plum Café.

Wine & Beer

We have a thoughtful, eclectic, and affordable approach to our wine and beer sections. We taste every wine we carry to ensure we can recommend it to our customers. We specialize in good value wines. Our beer selection contains a mix of local and imported staples and a rotating cast of interesting, palatable, and seasonal brews. We always have a few different style ciders in stock as well. 

Dairy, Cheese, & Eggs

Milk, eggs and yogurt from our dairy section are sourced from sustainable farms in Pennsylvania. Our cheese case has a mix of local cheeses, other American artisanal cheeses, and imported cheeses at various price points. Our cheese selection is seasonal- so we’ll be sure to let you know when there is something new in to try! Ask us about our cheese platters for small or large parties. 



We’ve picked our favorite pantry staples and go-to ingredients to stock our grocery section. We feature basics like pastas, grains, lentils, broth and stocks. Our selection of condiments such as olive oils, vinegars, mustards, fresh-ground nut butters, jams, honey, bread and crackers are sure to perfectly accent your meal. Sourcing locally and seasonally is important too- so we’ve teamed up with producers in DC for select products and generally stock products our customers request. 

Meat & Fish

We carry fresh steak, ground beef, ground lamb, pork chops and tenderloin, and chicken (breasts, thighs, and whole chickens) from sustainable and mostly local farms. Our cured meat selection includes the yummiest salames, prosciuttos, and bacon we have tasted. We source fresh fish twice a week, and the selection changes weekly. We have smoked salmon, house-cured gravlax, and whitefish salad. We are always willing to do special orders for particular cuts of meat or types of fish. Ask us about our charcuterie platters for small or large parties.


We source majority of our fruits and vegetables from sustainable farms in the areas surrounding Washington DC through growers cooperatives and aggregators and direct from certain farms. We do our best, when seasonally possible, to source as much as we can from local organic producers. When local and organic is not available, we carry organic produce from larger national distributors. Occasionally we also have conventional products as well. Our goal is to be transparent and communicative with our customer in our sourcing strategies and the products we have in the store at any given time. 


Gift Baskets

We have a number of themed gift baskets perfect for special occasions for the foodie in your life. We can also create a custom basket for you at any price point.

Sandwiches & Prepared Foods

Our kitchen produces fresh and seasonal prepared foods such as salads, soups, dips and weekly dinner entrees and we make sandwiches to order at our deli counter. Our menus change seasonally and check our cases around the holidays for special items for your celebration. 

Plan Your Party

We are always available to help you plan your next party, get together, picnic, dinner party or holiday gathering. We have standard charcuterie, cheese, veggie, and bagel platters in several sizes. We can also customize platters and cater sandwiches, salads, and soups for a more extensive gatherings. 

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